TGM Plugin Activation CPT UI

Hi everybody, i am creating a WP theme and i need custom post types which are not allowed in the theme.I am using the CPT UI plugin which is submitted in .org and one of the most popular plugins for creating custom post types.I read in the instructions that plugins are allowed as long as they are not fishy.Although CPT UI is not fishy i wanted to ask here as well your opinion if i will have any kind of problem before i submit my item.

Thank you.


The plugin itself is not a problem(the problem is that you are using code to generate the CPT’s on your theme which is not allowed). You should create a plugin and store all your code for creating CPT’s, metaboxes, shortcodes.

My suggestion is to use code from to generate CPT’s, metaboxes, widgets etc. This way you don’t need the CPT UI plugin.


but i am not generating any code in my theme.This is why i am going to ask users to install the plugin after they install the theme with TGM.Isn’t this how everybody does it? If i add code with generatewp theme-check will find the code which is not allowed.