Text in my posts doesn't show, only images Please help!

When I write a new page or post, or when I update an old one, the text does not appear on my website. Only images appear. I tried restoring to a previous database, but that did not solve the issue. I then went into my hosts filemanager and changed the name of the plugins folder (I guess that disables all plugins at once) and that didn’t solve the issue either so I renamed the plugins folder again to plugins and restored the most recvent database so I’m back where I started.
Since I’m not a programmer, just an amateur webdesigner, I have no idea where to start to solve this.
Can anyone please help?
My website is wetpic.nl, one page where text has disappeared after updating is http://wetpics.nl/tarieven-onderwater-fotografie/

Hi there!

I have few solutions for your problem!

Solution 1 - Change the theme:

Change the current theme with Twenty Sixteen, or Twenty Eleven and see if your problem is solved. If changing the theme solves the problem then you know that the issues comes from the theme.

Solution 2 - Disable plugins one-by-one:

As I said i the title, disable the plugins one-by-one and then refresh the site. You can do this with your theme but if doesn’t work do this with a default theme (like: Twenty Sixteen, or Twenty Eleven);

Solution 3 - Is this a premium theme?

As I see you are using the “ePix Responsive Wordpress Theme”. If you are the buyer of the theme, then you have the rights to ask for support. Address this problem on their comments section.

Hope one of my solutions solves your problem.

  • Regards!

What was it that you updated?

Are you using the latest version of the theme?

There seems to be quite a few 3rd party plugins in there - as @ThemeSLR said go through one by one and disable them to see if that fixes it (but make sure you are up to date with everything first).

Thanks for your help. I tried disabling plugins one by one and found the problem. I replaced the plugin with another one with more or less the same functions and now it works!

Thanks a lot!!!

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Perfect! Glad you solved the problem :sunny: