Text effect Soft rejection

Text effect Review
Can Someone Help Me to Understand This Rejection.
How could I Solve This Problem?
Actually I Have Uploaded 2 Text effect File Last night one of them have approved but this one rejected but 2 file are quite same layer style,layer name but one is rejected and other one approved.
How How could i solve this problem?
Attach:1st Is my design & 2nd is the reason of rejection
Thank you

One More Think To Know Can help me with how to resubmit? any article or video link please

hi as for what I understand from what is written, u need to include the style in the style section / tab that means that u have to select the style, click to “save it” or “add a style” something like this so that the customer may just click an element and have the style automatically applied to the concerned element , at least this is how I understand this