testing themes

hello i am trying to decide which theme to purchase in terms of performance and speed.

I was testing different themes offered in the envato market using gtmetrix and i wanted to see if the score they receive in gtmetrix is a good indication of how well will the theme perform in terms of speed! so if a theme gets a better score in gtmetrix it means that the website i will create using this theme will be faster?

GTMetrix and PageInsights are both great tools to get a general idea of how fast a theme can be but I recommend checking best practices for code in Lighthouse. That’s the most important. A theme / template can be optimised to have great scores if you

  • Use a CDN
  • Use an image tinifier
  • Minify Code
  • Use proper sized images
  • Use plugins that convert theme pages to HTML for viewers.
  • Use a proper, quality hosting package.

If a theme is best practiced coded, then the above factors will count more to get a good score than anything else! Cheers! :slight_smile:

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