Testing out a sidebar on the forums

Thank you for the useful interface KING! :heart_eyes: :fox_face:


Looks Great :smiley:

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Excellent addition - I use a desktop PC more often that a mobile phone, so it is a great addition. Very easy to get to shortcuts and makes my life a bit easier because I am an OLD PERSON lol - but I think it’s a great addition!!!

Now where is my T-Shirt??? XXXL because I am still thinking about dieting this year :wink:


I’ve always missed this:
“My Posts” and “Users”
Now it’s convenient.

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Love it :grin:

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I love this as like say “All” for see all messages forum :slight_smile:

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Yours looks different to mine - mine is in English :wink:
Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:


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very nice, looks more modern and easy to use :star_struck: :star_struck:


Strongly agree

I wish there are more options accessible from there.

But nice looks.

Nice. How can i do evaluating the brand-new Discourse sidebar. Click the hamburger menu to the left of the logo if you don’t see it.

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love it

Sorry but the fact that you are working on minor things like forum sidebar is a bit conserning.
Since the earnings dropped more than a half from the last year including a bonus cut we would expect some bigger efforts from your company.
You have devalued our work and didnt increase more clients to author ratio. We dont hear from the CEO anymore and any new significant ideas to improve the platform.

If your strategy is to bet on cheap labour from 3rd countries who are happy to earn 50$ each month and flood the market with minimal criteria items then in few years you will lose most professional authors.
We need significant changes and activity from your team to feel that you care about the community and the platform itself.

The forum is on Discourse and turning on the sidebar was just a click of a button.

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Slightly turned to the wrong road, maybe not pay attention to traffic signs :grin: :grin:

I hope that you did not turn to the wrong road of rules mate and did not buy your own items or asked your friends to put 5 star ratings? Doesn`t sound legit to have an account from February 2023 and have 19 (5star) ratings so quickly. (maybe i am wrong and you are new super star here, no offense, just a weird thing to me) :thinking:

Which means you are out of new fresh ideas if you put forum buttons on the higher discourse to show at least some “Activity”… The latest big announcement was the cut of bonus.
You could at least make design change of the main page of the market so that the new items would be visible first instead of scrolling down too long.

Also you could create opportunity to add new feature to hire an author for extra fee to setup the template etc.
Then the PM system so that the client could contact authors directly without emails for faster responses.

On Elements, maybe could add rating system and comments to each item.
There are so many things you could do.
Triple awards idea was excellent and motivated us.
Also during the inflation everything gets more expensive except subscription of Elements. Why not to increase subscription fee on 1-2 EUR?
Please, we need a fresh breath of the platform to find a motivation to produce high quality content.
Forum buttons doesn`t motivate at all

No offense to a forum, just following to discuss my friends :beers:

@Eduard_1337 and anyone else this post might concern:

There are 2 very different aspects to any business (well maybe more depending on what ways they connect with customers).

The first is the MARKETPLACE or BUSINESS itself. Envato is the business and they control the platform, how it works, if it works, and how the authors can benefit or in some cases not benefit from selling their scripts on the platform. In an idea world, everything in business would go along and increase, but many businesses are experiencing downturns, and it just happens that way. Envato are in my opinion still the leader of the pack, but yes there are things that perhaps could be looked at to improve and keep ahead of in an ever changing marketplace.

The second is a FORUM - a forum is really a discussion based script allowing people to seek help from fellow authors, or buyers who have experiences using the scripts/themes/templates offered for sale on the MARKETPLACE and whilst it might seem minor to work on improving the sidebar, or how the forum works itself, the fact is that there are many authors, contributors and moderators who work for nothing to help others when they have questions that they have not got an answer to elsewhere.

I hope that the OWNERS of the business/marketplace do read comments, and maybe things will get better, but Rome was not built in a day!


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