testing/buying a theme (Monument Valley

Dear All,

Here’s a general question, if someone can guide me to a more specific location for my question, please tell me. Thnx.

During the years I bought several themes.
Almost everytime there were some dificulties, a helpdesk could not solve.
Example: Yoast + One Page Pro ruïned my layouts.

Currently i Like to buy the Monument Valley theme.
But I like to test it first.
Or in a live test-domain.
Or in my installed ‘Local/Flywheel’ installation’
(although the performance is quite disappointing, although my comp is a new HP Envy/i7/SSD/16GB)
Or, if I buy it, can I use it in a test-domain, and when satisfied, de-install it, and use it for my live domain.

I asked this to the Envato helpdesk, but they could not help me.
Perhaps I should ask the author.
But I can not find out how to reach him/her.

So, if someone knows how to deal with something like this, I like to hear.

You would need to ask the author but it is highly unlikely that most authors can facilitate this (too much risk of exploitation)

If you ask the author before buying the theme then they should be able to advise especially if it’s related to something as established as Yoast

Yes I can imagine.
But who is the author, where can I find his emailaddress?

All items have a comments section on the item page - you can leave them a note there

Ok I will have a look again.