Test site free of charge

I need to create a website for my client - a video producer. His request is a black background color and 6 videos are launched on the main page, which will be the categories of his production.

I chose themes: Frame - Photo & Video

There is a test environment in which I simulate the customer’s requirements, or I have the opportunity to download this theme free of charge so that I can simulate the design. If the customer approves, I would buy the theme for his domain.

I just want to check before buying if I can do what is required in the theme…

You need to purchase the theme and prepare the website. If your client doesn’t like the design or if he asks another design, you will have to purchase another theme.

You cannot get the theme and “IF” your client likes it, you could purchase it.

I understand that. Therefore, I would need if the theme creator had a test environment for this theme.
I’ll buy a theme and what if it doesn’t work out what is required/expected? Will I buy another one? How many do I need to buy?

Alternatively, if it would be possible to return the unused theme license. If I test it but don’t use it, I can return it…

Not once it’s downloaded Can I get a refund

I get it

There’s no “test” available. If you buy one theme and if you decide to change it, you buy again.