Test drive this font?

Hi all,

What am I doing wrong here, I can’t preview 99% of the fonts here. It comes up with this “error” message almost every time.“Something went wrong, please try again.”

I’ve tried every available browsers with no luck…

Any help?


Same problem here! Why is it not working? :cry:

Well, thats what i’m asking :wink: It’s still not working here … there must be other with the same issues?

same here using Mac OS tried it with safari and chrome no luck…

come on envato guys !

working for me - its fine here.

Where are you guys ? on the moon ?

yes on the moon in the same landing unit, you got bored so you start checking fonts, don’t you… :slight_smile:

no really for me it’s working, checked two random and they’re ok.

update -> TTF is working, OTF tells “something went wrong”

so maybe you’re right.

“Maybe your’e right” ehhhh? … it dosen’t work for some of us … why should we waste our and envato’s precious time telling this?