Term for review of works! Presentation template

Good afternoon!
Sorry for my english)
I’m worried about the acceptance of works in the section Presentation Templates.
I think it is not fair that work is not accepted for several days, and then sharply take 60-90 jobs at a time (for example, yesterday)
Sharp emission of a large number of works does not give the authors the opportunity to earn, everything goes down in history and the works are in vain. This is not fair to the authors. I believe that everyone should have equal rights and the right to hang at least one day on the first page (!). For this you need to take every day for 5-15 works (no more), give everyone the opportunity to be the first to see his work and evaluated.

If they will approve everyday only 5-15 works, queue length for graphicriver will be like for Stock Footage on Videohive (109 days). Too many new item uploaded every day.

And there would be a backlog of first page items… get it approved today, see it in the first page in a couple of years. Especially on VideoHive… 200 or so items approved a day, how many slots on the first page?

Guys, this is only for the section PRESENTATION TEMPLATE

If it’s only for quieter categories what happens when there are not enough submissions to fill the home page?

Do the people there at that time get bonus exposure? Would that not be a bit unfair on others?

It’s been discussed before and there is not a fair way to manage it without as @SpaceStockFootage said creating mass backlogs

Ok, but how many presentation templates are approved per day, and how many slots are there on the homepage? If more are approved in a day than there are places on the homepage… then ensuring each item is on the front page for a day, would mean that a backlog would build up which would get longer and longer.