Temporary URL Activate Theme Licensing

Hey there,

I bought the Impreza Theme in the Themeforest. Now I want to start to built up my webpage. At the moment I have a temporary URL to reach my webpage because I have changed the provider and the domain is not completely moved from the old provider. If I activate the Template now on the temporary URL is it a problem for the license because in a few days the URL will change?

Thanks and sorry for my poor English

If it becomes an issue, you can contact the author and explain the situation; they will unassign the license so you can use it on your new domain name.

Most licensing systems will let you disable your old URL automatically and use the license on your new one.

Thank you very much for your supply. I found the answer at the helping Page of the author and have already moved the URL.

The authors have a licensing Page where i could log in with my envato Account. There i could deactivate the license on the old URL and then activate it again on the new URL.

Hello, i would run into pretty much the same Problem. I want to purchase the Avada-Theme and develop the site under a temporary URL. What did i have to do to change the URL afterwards and how difficult is it?