Temporarily held for Further Review - Laravel Soft Disabled Resubmission

My Product was soft disabled. I resubmitted it again a day ago. The status is changed to “Temporarily held for further review”. How much time it will take to complete review.

My Product was soft disabled a year ago. Now I made changes and resubmit it.


Usually, this happens when the reviewer is not 100% sure and a different reviewer is looking into this, all you have to do is to wait until you get a response…

Held items: This means that an item may need to be reviewed by another member of staff, requires further information or a bug needs to be resolved.

You should keep patience. Review team will review and let you know.


Thanks @FWDesign @mgscoder for your reply. Any idea how many days it can take? Because I read someone post he said, sometimes it take weeks.

Average 5-10 days.

Temporarily held usually takes time - around 2 weeks but can be up to 3 weeks.

As ki-themes said, it takes about 5-10 days but I had times when it took 20 days to get an answer, all you can do is to wait, I know it is frustrating but these are the rules…

It’s 7th day still waiting.

Working days…