Temporarily held for further review in addon category

After a few years without any rejected item this message came to my item yesterday "Temporarily held for further review" in addon category…
Now I’m wondering what’s going on with review process since I know it has nothing to do with
any bug and similar, for some small things e.g. as preview photo there is a soft reject…

Hi @dgas99,

Held items: This means that an item may need to be reviewed by another member of staff, requires further information or a bug needs to be resolved.

So, please keep patience and hope your item will get review soon.


Thanks for your reply…
I know what that message means and that’s why it’s not clear to me because this is about photoshop action which I have been create in the same way for years, if there is a problem with preview graphic there is a soft reject.
I’m a little confused with this review process.

And after 8 days my item is still standing on held and in meantime are approved other items… the market has become ridiculous, sales drops more than 50% and then they kill motivation to work with things like this.

UPDATE: After 10 days item is approved, reason for held is this Envato Envato Affiliates - Programs link in description… I wonder what a soft reject is for???
This market is collapsing completely…