Temporarily held for further review --- help

Can any body tell me about this message?
“Temporarily held for further review Read More”
It is showing with all my uploaded items.
I have read the “Read More” text.
I want to know that, can I upload new item? or wait for review the submitted items first?

Thanks in advance.


Plz help.
Already 26 days passed but yet to review “Corporate Business Card”!

I’m currently facing the same problem as you. My item is in queue for 27 days and till haven’t heard from the review team. Can you tell me what happened to your item or how long did it take to review your item.


After long review of more than 1 month they locked my account permanently.
I submitted ticket but the decision was permanent.
They told me, My contents are identical/copy of various contents! Another reason,some of my approved items were bought by same clients! and the clients accounts are violating temrs… etc. etc.
So, if your account is still alive then please remove the item immediately.

Good luck bro.