Temporanely help for further review and... rejections!

Hi mates,
recently, after a few rejections, I had a couple of track out for further reviews but then they were hard rejected. Here is the last one, I would appreciate your suggestion and comments. Federico

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It all starts fine! I start not to believe that your music was not accepted.



Starting at 0:23: The piano would not hurt the low frequencies to remove a bit.
I think the piano here should sound a little easier than shown in your composition.
And on low notes there should be support from the strings(brass).

The violin lacks stereo, reverberation and sound power. A violin sinking heavily against the sound of a piano. Both musical instruments do not sound beautiful.
0:45 - crash, reverse FX, toms do not sound expressive enough and bright. They again drowned by the sound of the piano.

1:00 - there is a conflict of low frequencies. There is a mess.

1:20 - I just heard kick here? :flushed: I’m in headphones. Therefore, it is hard for me to judge.
But why is kick here?

You need the correct placement of musical instruments, equalization of loudness, panning, equalization and of course adding effects (reverb, echo, etc.)

But you are on the right track! It sounds very musical and dramatic. But as a sound engineer you need to learn a little.

I repeat: IMHO! I can not call myself a professional!
But I hope my advice will constructively help you become taller and stronger(in a musical sense).
Peace! :vulcan_salute:


Here you will find about remporanely held for further review details

No worry about that it will like simple review come nothing extraordinary.

Hope Helped!

Hello! I would have made the piano more “closed” and not so aggressive in sound (it’s too obsessive) in my opinion. Perhaps you need to either make it a little quieter or add more reverb.
Your violin does not sound quite appropriate, in my opinion it interferes more than complements the composition. I would probably remove it from the track at all or replaced by something else.
That’s all I noticed.
Good luck!

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Hey Federico!

Sorry about those “Temporarily held” items. It happened to me once. After more than a month waiting I decided to delete them from the queue, upload them again and they were accepted, but that doesn’t guarantee anything, of course.

About this particular track, composition-wise is a delight. Very emotional and dramatic with those brief moments of light delivered by the major chords and those beautiful legatto string octaves.

The problem here is, IMO, the piano again. 3 aspects that you could improve:

  1. Timbre: sounds quite hard for my taste. Some virtual pianos have a knob to control a softer/harder sound. Otherwise you could damp the highs a bit with a wide Q gentle and musical EQ. A subtle reverb would also help to blend them with the rest of the orchestra, in this genre it’s good that the listener can perceive the whole as located in the same acoustic space and the piano here sounds a bit too close.
  2. Velocities: they are pretty high for my taste and not natural and dynamic enough. They sound like they were wrote with a mouse in the piano-roll more than played in an actual keyboard by an actual player. Even if that is the case, and you programmed the piano, you can tweak the velocity values to achieve that naturality. I always try to play them myself though, and correct all the slips (millions! hahaha) afterwards.
  3. Quantization: To my ears, it feels like every single note is perfectly on grid which gives it, along with the veloicity issue, a robotic, kind of computer-played vibe that does not match the genre of the piece and the rest of the orchestration.

I also agree with @Ksarex about the muddy mid-lows and lows generated in some parts, specially when Celli, Contrabass and low percussions are playing together. Gotta clean that range a lil’. :slight_smile:

Aside from that, it’s a beautiful track! Congrats!

Thanks Worm and thanks guys, I’ll try to follow your suggestion.
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