Tempo variation questions

A few questions about tempo:

I’m guessing songs with a fixed tempo sell better?

If my song slows down at the very end (last few seconds, piano tailing off for example, can/should I still specify a fixed tempo? How about if there’s a few points in the piece where it slows down momentarily before going into the next part of the song?

I’m interested not just from a rules point of view, but also what customers are looking for. All thoughts appreciated, thanks for reading :smile:

First of all in the description you put "varies"
In my opinion its good and not good.
Some might like it, because it will change the feeling, some might not because they don’t want it.


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Interesting question. Nothing like a bit of rubato playing to keep it real but I think many editors prefer a locked tempo to make editing easier. Maybe just include a version that is locked to tempo to keep everyone happy! :wink:

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