Hi I’m new here and just purchased a web templete can these used with Website Builder?

Totally depends what item it is.

If it’s a WordPress theme then it may be built using a builder like WP Bakery or Elementor

If it’s a HTML template then you will (in 95% of cases) need to edit the code and assets manually

Likewise with other categories it just depends what the item it

Have you got an item link/name?

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I purchased the cheap printers templete I can see the files but not sure how to make them work in Websitebuilder

What is the link for the item on themeforest?

Is this what you mean? Apologies if I seem a bit dim but I’m new to this.

Thank you for any help you can offer

I can see all the files in HTML format but that dosen’t work with Website Builder

It’s just a html template - there is no page builder.

To edit it you need to modify the HTML, CSS etc and upload everything to your domain

I’d recommend using something like Brackets as an editor which is pretty clean and easy to work with

Could you explain Brackets for me.

It’s just a text editor but it’s simple to use and more effective than many others

You are still going to need to edit the code of the template you bought but this should make it easier

Unfortunatly this is way above my limited web design skills I only use Website Builder and this won’t accept these tyes of files.

Unfortunately, HTML templates work like this.

There is a WordPress version that uses WP Bakery which is a sort of page builder https://themeforest.net/item/copypress-type-design-printing-services/19428318

BUT make sure you understand that this is not like Wix or one of the drag and drop technologies and while you don’t really need to understand code, it does require some degree to patience and getting used to