templates video and audio files

Are audio files placed in video templates ? do I have to buy them elsewhere ?
eg here https://elements.envato.com/super-nova-V9T4SZN is including an audio file?

Video templates do not come with audio. Per the description of that item you can get the track here:


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I also assumed the audio file is included in the video template as surely the animation and transition speeds are customized to the music… very confusing. What I don’t see is what the name of the audio file is so that I can buy it separately? Is this mentioned anywhere? Can somebody please assist? https://elements.envato.com/simply-cut-line-VVQA9TZ

Also, the tutorial doesn’t include anything about inserting the audio file… I am brand new to envato and adobe after effects, can somebody please point me in the right direction?

Much appreciated

Hi @Cozette7,

Per the item’s listing on VideoHive, the following audio is used in that preview video:

As for adding audio to After Effects, do note that AE is not meant for audio and video production and is only a compositor. It would likely be much more convenient to use video editing software (such as Adobe Premiere Pro) on the rendered AE project to add the audio instead, but if you insist, try looking it up on Google. Adobe is very popular and there are answers out there to any questions you could possibly ask.

Hope that helps!

Thank you @baileyherbert. I appreciate your quick and efficient response. For future reference how or where do you see the name of the audio file in the sample?