Templates for OpenCart not supported?

Installed template KStore - Multipurpose OpenCart 3 Hi-Tech Theme by magentech on Envato Elements

he does not have pagination (pages do not flip)

I wrote to the developer about this problem, but he answered me.

Dear Vladimir,

We don’t support element on Envato, if you want to get support, please buy extend support here:


Why so? I thought I had a license for the template and have been using your service for several years.

If you bought the theme from Themeforest then you get 6 months of support by default.

Items downloaded from Envato Elements do not come with guaranteed support or updates

Why is there no information about this on the page from which the template is downloaded? And there is no information about this when you subscribe and pay. You take a template, finish making a website on it, and then you find a non-working element in it and the developer writes to pay 29 dollars so that he can fix the problem in his own template.

Previously, developers have fixed problems in their templates, this is the first time I’ve had this. If the developer does not fix the errors, then you need to write about this on the template page in order to know about it before using this template.