Templates based on Products - Not Ecommerce Sites


I’m looking for product based templates in html templates, not e-commerce but the manufacturing company templates, where I want to highlight product categories and all the manufaturing products in details, product should have their separate pages or it can show details in popup also… but not as in eCommerce like it will be having add to cart, login, register options. These i don’t want., the site should be impressive… please someone help me finding my required templates…

Thank you so much in advance…

Hi Hello my friend.
I’m looking for a theme that suits this desire. I found this theme. But is there another theme you found? I need WordPress themes related to product layout and categorization. If you find different themes, will you inform me? We are waiting for our friends who will solve this problem to reply. :slight_smile:

No bro i didn’t find any template yet, still looking for some good references, ya sure will let you know if i got in wp or html version… im still finding, will let you know… :slight_smile: