Template which uploaded on Videohive can't be purchased


I’ve got a problem with some of my templates on Videohive. Template called “Vintage Heroes Opener”.
The problem is that you can find this template in search but you can’t open it’s page to see details and purchase it.

Also I don’t see this template in my portfolio page.
When I looked in dashboard page I see this message “Unexpected error please contact support”.
I didn’t get notification to email about approving this template. But template is already on Videohive.

I send message to support two days ago but no response yet.
Ticket id is 409847

Can anyone help me please to resolve this problem?

Maybe somebody can suggest some solution?!
Is there someone from support team?

Hey there @15owls, try to tweet envato, or pm one of envato members through the forum.

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Hi @GeorgioRoss, thanks for advice!

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You’re welcome.