Template (website, form & calendar) for managing software upgrade

Hi all,

Glad to be part of community.
Hope somebody can help me, or point me in the right direction.

I would need a ‘simple’ solution for managing software upgrade via online registration form (with calendar booking option).

Basically, idea is to manage user request for Operating System upgrade via external online form (website).
User goes through selection of question (conditional logic?) to see if he/she is suitable for upgrade, and if so, then there is option to book an appointment (via calendar) to hand-in laptop to IT department. Appointments would need to be managable, i.e. maximum of 20 per day, and if limit is reached then that day is marked as full (not bookable), etc.
Total number of users would be between 500-1000, with initial test on 50 pre-selected ones (most likely in need of upgrade)

Is this possible to do in ‘easy way’. (…simple plugins, or something like a mix of Gravity Forms & Eventbrite plugins).
Or is it something that needs a big budget (custom programming), or full online registration providers (both expensive options)