template still pending until more than a week

I uploaded template last week, and until now it’s still pending. Without confirmation.
is there anyone ever experienced like this?

Please try to check yourself if you found the answer on the forum before ask with a new topic.

What kind of template?

@SpaceStockFootage HTML template, themeforest
Below the story before I create this topic

then I uploaded same file, and until now my uploaded themes is still pending.

But it;s still showing in your review queue? Resubmissions are showing an average over the week of 3 days… although with a weekly average, it’s hard to say exactly what it is currently. You may have just missed out on having it reviewed prior to the weekend and it will get reviewed tomorrow. Or it might not! But still… if you’ve resubmitted it, and it’s there in your review queue, then there should be nothing to worry about. They’ll get around to it.