Template soft rejected because of name - need some advice

Hello fellow authors,

So I have this template called “Hightower - Real Estate Landing Page” and it got a soft reject with this reason:

We’re now requiring unique, non-generic names with at least 3 characters for all new submissions. Additionally, authors should not use names that are already in use in the Marketplace. Search and make sure that chosen name does not exist: https://themeforest.net/
Combination of keywords, Target-audience, categories, abbreviation and subjective word(s) are not allowed as item names. ( example: Magazine, XMagazine, MagazineX, etc.)
Author can always use the title description to further describe the item and list the keywords as tags.
However, unique, single or combinations of common words are allowed ( no keywords ). Commonly used non-English words are fine as well.

The name is not already in use , i checked, so i was wondering if anyone knows why the name would not be allowed or if it’s a problem with the tags or key features.

The key features are:
High resolution and Retina Ready
Light and Fast
Working Forms

And the tags are: animated, bootstrap 4, business, fast, high resolution, html5, landing page, lightweight, marketing, premium, real estate, template, website, working forms

Any help is appreciated.

Try this : Hightower - Landing Page Template and choose the category “Real Estate”

Hightower = High tower = generic names / words.
Also “real estate landing page”, should be “Real Estate landing page” or “Real Estate Landing Page”.

Thanks for the feedback, the title is capitalized, I will update the post too.