Template rejection

Dear Fellow Authors,
I hope you are fine and doing well. I am seeking your kind help. My designs are being rejected and I am not getting any clue where the problem is?

Attaching here my latest submission that rejected. Please help me to identify the problems. Thanks in advance.


hi if u ask me , one of the major problems that u have at this time is not so much of a big deal to fix. This is that u have too crammed texts almost all over the canvas … the CBD facts section is a very good example of this indeed, since u have almost no breathing at all between the part over and under this section, u have almost no space at all between the 3 sub divisions. Plus, u have the same issue for the paragraph on the grey background This is choking out there at the moment. Pls also make sure that all alignments are properly done and that u re-arrange the space between the titles and the paragraphs of texts following in the CDB facts section. The way the text is organized in the header with the logo looks strange and is not aesthetic indeed. Finally, surprisingly enough u have broken the hierarchy as you are putting all contact information in very small , muck smaller than all the rest , when this is important data indeed

You can increase margin between text fields. Make contact section to left aligned and move QR code over it.

@n2n44, thanks a lot for your elaborative message. It is really appreciated. Obviously, I will follow your instructions. Just another thing to know. If I rectify the problems, can I resubmit the design?
Thanks again.

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@AthenaStudio, Thanks a lot for your suggestions. Definitely I will follow your instructions.

hi well this is always hard to get to know indeed as this is always a bit difficult to get o know what is “significant changes” enough … i guess if u stick to all what was said, probably so … at least this is how i feel

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i think he should better use the green shape to put the qr code inside and free some space to have a cleaner positioning of the block of personal data

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@n2n44 Thanks again for your suggestions. It is really appreciated.

u are welcome , good luck and good work :slight_smile:

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