Template Rejection

I recently uploaded the Codenow - Bootstrap HTML Template but it got rejected due to quality standards. Please let me know what are the errors so that i will fix them and avoid those next time.
Below the Demo URL : http://milindpatil.tech/projects/codenow/


I have saw your item design quality this still start/practice level.
It isn’t ready for premium quality design.
You must need to improve your item design quality try to more study & research about themeforest design quality hope your item will approved.


thanks for your feedback but will you please explain me in short about premium quality design ?

take a look on themeforest newest approved item design quality and compare with your item

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thanks i will check and do the needful :innocent:.

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your button looks me to very rough; big, simple, very rounded, rough border.you should add effect to social buttons.I cant change testimonials to finger movement.you should add " " to testimonial.also your contact form input fields are rough like buttons.footer is simple.you can add icons to working hours.you can look at other themes first work.

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With respect this is way off the standards

The concept is not new and doesn’t really bring premium value or originality

Generally, there are issues with typography, hierarchy, styling consistency, margins, spacing etc.

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thank you for your feedback! i will do the changes you have listed along with others premium quality templates. :innocent:

ok boss i’ll look into it, thanks :sweat_smile:

Typographic hierarchy problem
Colors and sections are inconsistent.
I do not see a grid and alignment system in the design, especially the right of the about section.
contact form section not aligned
Footer very very bad grey.
Footer copyright spaces are not the same
Don’t get me wrong, but there is nothing unique about its design.
So the design is very simple and plain and looks similar.
I think the design needs to be improved a lot, especially follow the rules of contrast and typography and properly align your elements.
Be compatible with our design, so follow the rules of repetition