Template rejected

My template is rejected, plz give me reason

My opinion you have to improve your item design. I think more good design is exist on envato market.

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Hello, sir/madam
I have many try to approve, but it rejected. In last 2 year I have uploaded more template but all are rejected. But I never give up, I will upload more here for approval.

So my question is

It is possible to rejection for live link are not opening in your country for preview?
This my link

And can you provide any new accepted template design link?

So I can improve my design quality

Plz plz help me for it

Thnk you.

Sometimes it loads for ages. I would advise removing all HP variations, as they differ too way too little, and better to create blog category and blog pages. If you didn’t receive any comments on why it was rejected I am 100% sure it’s due to a loading issue.

hello, sir/madam
thank for your reply.
plz one more help me


this is my link plz plz check it, give me reason for rejection
i get mail like ‘‘its not quality standard to move forward’’

so can you suggest me exactly perfect solution for it, what is the main reason about this item. plz check this link. my product is not quality standard or reject for not opening my live link on their country? what is the reason? plz help me.

if it is hosting problem, they have problem about my all uploaded live preview link, then i will change hosting account.
plz give me solution and reason, and plz contact forum for me, your 5 min is turning point of my career. i will wait for reply
thank you.

On our first review we also got hard-reject. As we understood reviewer checked it with poor internet connection (they send us screenshots with partly loaded css). So we just ignored that hard-reject, resubmit it again and added message to reviewer, that mostly their internet connection was poor. Yet afterwards we had around 10-12 revisions.
So be sure that your website opens, in general i do not like those “loading” animations, it looks bit annoing to me. Plus especialy if it doesnt load instantly. Ive checked your link from Lithuania (we are among top 3 by broadband speeds in EU), it took way to long to load.

Ok thanks for your reply,
Now I am move my live preview hosting to 000webhost.com

So can I resubmit this item again for preview?

I just searched all forums for rejections. There is some report, that after hard reject if you resubmit you may get auto-rejection. There one user reported, that changing screenshots (those prime ones 80x80 and ~580px, title helped to avoid this.