template rejected?

Hi Envato forum users,
i need to find reason behind rejection of my html template.I can’t find out problem behind rejection and themeforest do not explain any thing just saying rejected. I need some brief answer. Actually i am so panic for being rejected my work again and again.
Here is the demo link: http://demo.joomsky.com/huntjob/huntjob-preview/index.html


It doesn’t look premium, you first have to find out what makes a theme premium and then start your development process from there and don’t panic every author here has items rejected here, goes with the territory.

Eiger what do you mean by premium?
Is there structure problem or designing or typography or color or font family?
dear actually i am so confuse plz help me to get out from this panic moment.

Well my first advice would be don’t panic, it’s hard to get a theme accepted here it’s how things are. Take your time look at the best selling themes, read lots of tutorials on web tuts about typography, visual hierarchy etc.

Hi there:

Your design is not premium, is too basic bad colors, shadow, bad typography, no spacing, etc but you need practice more for approved themeforest.


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http://colorlib.net/ripple/html/index.html what’s the problem???

Color combination can be improved…