Template rejected. Reason?

u have to identify this , for them to give u a feedback , the process would have to be changed to something where the company is hiring more , the covid time is probably not the best one for this , as u may understand (especially as u mentioned and rightfully so that the flow of submission has increased dramatically) , not to mention that strategies of big companies are not really this one usually … lol. unless they do want to change the process and hire more people , this is logical for them to work on “pre-made messages” and rather generical explanations, no matter how frustrating they might be for the whole of us …

@n2n44 @djjeep @XioxGraphix and I explained you some potential reasons for your rejection. If you don’t believe us what’s the point of this topic. What you want (feedback from the reviewer should be mandatory) it is not possible here. If you want to sell here you need to play by their rules you like it or not. Also no one can help you more then you can do.


Bro!!! :open_mouth: You do a big job when write so big advice! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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i tried to , i am talkative anyways and when i try to help i do fully , i do not stop in the mid of the way lol hey buddy where did u put your mask? lol

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oops…I forgot it in home :sweat_smile:…I can entry without it? :wink:

no get back where u come from LOOOOOOOOL

I don’t argue nor I reject your answers, but I don’t stop at saying “ok, thanks”, it’s a matter of a discussion, and that’s what I do, I discuss the subject with fellow designers. All input welcome, if I disagree with something, it’s not because you said it, I disagree with a lot that’s going on in this business and I can’t wait to see this whole graphic design business collapsing. It’s just too much supply, everything is going downhill, soon there will be no value in any icon or logo, as the whole internet will be flooded with it. If someone is selling it for 10, next day there are thousands selling it for 5, next day it’s only 2, and a lot available for free. If someone is selling a template for 15 dollars, soon it would have to be a template with 20 logos for a fiver, and if you want to compete, you will need to sell packs of 30 best quality, modern, creative, and unique (haha) logos plus 20 unique (haha) icons for free, and then you might have a chance of selling it if you price it properly, that means, 2 dollars max, and of course half of it would be taken by the site owners, so you’ll hope to go home with 1 dollar and be happy, but no, half of it will be taken by PayPal for example, and then, you might need to concert it to your currency, and you will end up with 1 cent.