Template rejected, can't understand why..


Can someone please tell me why this template got rejected?

Thank you


Hi. I think it was rejected because there are tons of these kind of projects already on Videohive. There´s nothing new in your project to be approved I guess. It´s not about design, style, etc. It´s about the huge amount of projects like this.
Good Luck!!


In the front page of the “Newest Items”, there’s this:

Which looks like a less detailed version of mine, what’s so “new” about it ? There’s other examples in the same page.

I just don’t understand.


I can see what you´re saying, but take into consideration that there are several reviewers with their own criteria and point of view. Some times luck is part of the game. Anyway, if you maybe try to go in a different direction making other style of projects (this kind is oversaturated), then you could get your item approved.


I think the main issue is your texts doesn’t interact with background element most of the time.


What kind of projects would you recommend ?


Right now there are tons of everything. Sometimes is not a matter of making completely different projects, but giving your very own, original and unique style to these kind of projects. I personally like logo reveals, because I can apply different techniques of design, but that´s my opinion, you can go wherever you want, just look different kinds of projects on Videohive and try to see what you can do about originality and an outstanding style of yours that can be eyecatching for customers to buy your item.

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Maybe in your project you have used few Title Animations from our MODERN TITLES Template…
I guess you are not supposed to sell the TITLE ANIMATIONS in your TEMPLATE which is copied from other templates…


I did get inspired by some templates, but it’s not copying.