Template problems davinci resolve - Trap Action Opener


Downloaded below template for Davinci Resolce and did as per instructions (replaced media timelines, Logo & co) - however - in the final render video timeline, all my media won’t show (as per video instructions it should show) and also none of the titles - only the logo shows as it should. Absolutely clueless as to why and/or how to fix the issue - anyone know how to help?

Btw - audio seems to be from audiojungle - but cannot find the audio file related to it - anyone know how to find this file? Why do authors not mention the name of music used in the description…?

Thanks for any help!



Here is your audio

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thanks a lot! Any idea about the template itself? I am completely stuck on that.
Thanks for the audio link though - I was searching like crazy for that one…great help! Thank you :slight_smile:

Here is videohive item

thanks - however - I don’t use Adobe…working with Davinci Resolve only…