Template or previous projects?

How do you start your new project?

Using templates or previous projects?:

If there are templates, how many and which categories?:

If an author uses a template meaning (to me) same libraries, same settings what’s the problem. If an author uses a template using same exact samples from a library then I would consider it a formula again no problem. If an author uses a previous project and makes small changes such as a change of note here and there and then uploads it to bolster a portfolio then I would be inclined to suggest a lack of invention but that’s my opinion. If the overall sound of tracks is similar in feel that’s fine with me but in my opinion rather limiting. I personally like to start with a blank canvas and experience the boredom of loading and sifting through sound libraries.


Creating tracks for me is a long process. So I started working on templates. I think that I will not be very limited because sometimes I also like to dive into the library)

If you wish to produce on a regular basis, templates are necessary as it’s pretty time-consuming to choose and load the same instruments everytime.

A simple template with a VST for drums (with outputs already routed to mixer channels and groups), one for piano (as this is my main tool for compose and write down ideas) and one for bass is the bare minimum to start any idea.

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Yes, it’s true. I spent 7 hours yesterday when I worked on a template for orchestral instruments. And I thought that how much time I would spend in the future if I work without templates. I am tired of finding the right tools because I have no experience and want to waste my nerves and time on this. I have to start from simple things)

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Completely agree with you if templates are set up to reduce time. One day I shall have VSL on another computer with various templates created so that I am good to go. It’s when cloning tracks is a problem for me on Audio Jungle.