Template or creativity? Approve or reject?

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Many say that there are many identical and patterned tracks on an audiojungle. All my tracks are accepted and sold at good prices. But then I decided to show creativity and wrote music a little harder than usual, and as a result my track was refused. The question is, does the audiojungle want to evolve and grow, or will it remain four-chord music?
You can listen to my track here:


Hi ! For me this song is very well composed but I felt that there is still a lot of information and it is difficult to have a grip on the duration. A little more nuances would have made this composition really perfect! Good luck :slight_smile:

Honestly @Film_Scoring, I think this marketplace places more value on safe, sellable tracks. The market for more creatively expressive pieces is significantly smaller IMO. Not that that’s a bad thing, I just think it’s the nature of the business and what the end user is typically after is something simple like the four-chord music you mentioned.

Thank you! Good luck to you too!!)

Thanks for your reply!