Template music on envato elements

How can I find the music for this template? https://elements.envato.com/short-energy-motion-opener-V67WRNE there are no credits on the page or the help files. I don’t really know what to do.

Thx in advance for your help

Here it is https://audiojungle.net/item/hiphop/13004996?s_rank=3
The author has credits on the Videohive market.

And what good does it do to Elements customers? Music has to be properly credited on Elements! Not doing so is a breach of Envato’s terms and a blatant lack of respect for the music author as well as for your customers, and all-around very unprofessional!


Hey @PurpleFog! You probably already know this, but it’s Envato who expressly removes even simple text links and credits to the markets when an item is added to Elements so it’s not always the author’s fault. They want us to be literally invisible. Non-existent. Just take a look at the item in VideoHive and Elements. The exact same description except for the bullet point that indicates the music used. I also got this confirmed by a video author.

I know it’s outrageous but it’s them breaching their own terms.

Well actually, video template authors still have to credit the music. The current policy is to credit the music author in plain text without link. Of course Envato is at fault here. But template authors still have to abide to the terms.

Definitely. Sorry in advance if my lousy english makes my idea all tangled up.

I’m just saying that I know for a fact that when adding VideoHive items from the markets to Elements, Envato itself eliminates all references to Audiojungle. It’s not the author who omits crediting us, but Envato who’s expressly blocking it. Actually I once received a message from an Elements author apologizing as he found out that even the text crediting to one of my items had been removed from his description.

Here’s an example of a VideoHive author who correctly credited the composer on the market item, but all references to the music where removed from the Elements item. That’s the case for most items.

Basically, it’s mostly Envato who’s blocking Elements-to-Market references, not the authors themselves.

I’m aware all links are removed when items are made available on Elements, and you’re absolutely right, Envato failed big time on this one. They are at fault and found yet another way to let their authors down.

From what I understand, the whole item description becomes a blank when uploaded on Elements. Items with a description had that description added back in by the author, who then actively chose to leave out music credits, instead of having to replace the AJ links with plain text credits.

Nonetheless, video template authors have to manually add music credits in the Elements description field. It’s stupid and inefficient, but as of now it’s the only way for the music to be credited, and this is the compromise Envato staff came to. Here’s an example of how it’s supposed to be done.

Having your music used on a competing platform from which the vast majority of authors are excluded, is already bad enough, but not getting credited for it is plain unacceptable. Videohive authors who chose to be on Elements have to own up and do the extra work to put in those credits! Not doing so is a breach of terms and a slap in the face of the music author.

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