Template memory usuage, can it be done better?

Hi Everyone,

We as a company love what Themeforest have managed to do for wordpress templates. One thing that would be really handy is to know how much memory the theme requires when trying to select it.

We’ve come across many amazing templates but because they haven’t been really optimised we’re limited with how many sites we can put on a server and it affects the performance of the server as well.

When we build a site as a completely from scratch custom job generally it will take up somewhere between 32mb and 64mb at most, but some of the templates are way up at 256mb and that looks like it might not even be enough for some.

Does anyone else think this would be a good measurement to know before they buy a template or encourage good developers to be a little more mindful of resources being used as I would rather reward a developer who takes the time and care with those aspects as well than someone who throws plugins and features together?

I know we would rather buy some templates for projects that don’t require everything so less features but super efficient.

Kind Regards