Template Kits Upload Bonanza!

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Is that definite and even for people and places? Thought that the later had to be from elements etc?

I already my first template kit use photos elements envato no placeholder but only peoples use placeholder but already was upload themeforest.

It seems pretty clear here:

  1. All images used inside a Template Kit Live Preview (a.k.a. “Demo”) must be the same images linked to in the Template Kit files. i.e. no grey placeholder or watermarked image

  2. All content that contains images of people or property must be sourced from Envato Elements or Twenty20’s commercially cleared library only.

  3. All other content that does not contain images of people or property must be appropriately licensed for use by the customer in their end product.

  4. As part of the Template Kit export, you’ll need to provide links to all of the images used in your kit.


thank you so much :slight_smile: I am learning more… If reviewer my first template kit already upload themeforest if error I hope give me soft rejected :slight_smile:

Thank you so much

Will be great if someone can post demo url or image with theme.


Here is my https://dribo.elementor.42theme.com/
This kit was received soft reject about 10 days ago with couple comments like “Please add “Block” to templates that are only single sections/blocks”
We fixed all and now we are doing the next one.

Do not wait for review. Do new kits. A new category is a marathon. Even if you do not receive the bonus, your item will be sold many times.

P.S. Constructive criticism is welcome about the Dribo template kit.

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Using Hello, but you can’t add custom css in style.css of this theme, no?

All changes need to be in Elementor?
We can use plugins for addons and plugin for header?


Yes, This Kit uses Hello theme, and don’t use any custom CSS.
And one additional plugin is used for Google Maps in the contacts page.

And can’t use 2-3 plugins?


Yes, sure. Use any reasonable number of plugins that are available from WordPress org.
Just keep in mind that they must expand the functionality of the Elementor builder, otherwise, they will not be accepted.
From our soft reject, for adding Yoast SEO plugin:

We are not able to accept plugin requirements that are not directly enhancing elementor or the builder. This includes WordPress or admin level plugins such as caches or seo plugins. You may use Yoast on your demo, just remember to uncheck it on the plugin list before exporting your kit.

problem error export :frowning:

Replace absolute urls to relative

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How I can replace urls

Export templates to JSON file -> open in text editor -> search and replace -> import fixed JSON as template.

Or go to elementor and change all urls

Finally, my first kit approved.
Here is the links - https://themeforest.net/item/coax-agency-and-personal-about-us-elementor-template-kit/25900196


@SoftHopper Great, In how many days you got accepted? How many pages you did? Can you share you soft rejection points?

Kindest regards
Mohamed Ahshan

A lot of days. For review it takes 13 days probably then for soft rejection review it will 11days. A very slow review.

and rejection points all are design related issue like spacing alignment and typography and colors.

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@SoftHopper Thanks for your reply. I really appreciate it.