Template Kit Retirement Community no longer available? Searching for a photo from the Template Kit.

Hello, I downloaded the template kit above, but I can’t find it in the library. From this I am looking for a photo with an older lady who stretches her hands in the air. The photo was included in the template. Anyone know where I can find this? VG Holger

Images may not be available within the download ( pack ) due to copyright issues. Check the documentation or ask the author for the details.

Hi, thats the Problem. I can´t find the author of the template. I install it directly in wordpress over envato elments plugin. where can i find the adress of the author? the template is not longer availible in envato.

Contact Elements/Envato support.


“Retirement Community” is a free kit item that is only available within the Envato Elements plugin. You can find it under “Free Kits” by searching for “Retirement”.

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