Template Kit Requirements and using paid plugins

Hi, I read here WordPress-Template-Kit-Requirements and I have a question about this part:

** A Template Kit can require free Third Party Plugins / add ons for Elementor, as long as those add ons are hosted on the WordPress.org plugin repository. Premium plugins/add ons are not allowed, apart from Elementor Pro.*

and my question is:
If you check some demos here, such as SKAPE you can see Animated Box plugins used.

How can I use paid plugins and get approved?

Author of Skape here, We didn’t use any paid plugins, We have used a free plugin from WordPress.org for animated box

Free plugin we used is https://wordpress.org/plugins/jetwidgets-for-elementor/

How can you simply tell that we are using a paid plugin without using our kit

Mohamed Ahshan

It’s very clear - paid plugins are not allowed except for Elementor Pro

Oh hey, sorry about that then. I checked using inspector tool, and searched for css class on animated box. found Jet plugins, and thought ok, if they can use cool plugins, can I do it too?
Thanks for reply btw.
and sorry if bothered, I just used your theme as sample to clear my question.

P.S. I didnt know jetElements has free version! sorry my bad!

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Hi All,

Most free Elementor addons are allowed in kits. However, there are some caviats. The addon must be a builder enhancement or provide widgets and cannot require external setup in the WordPress admin which includes custom post types (for example, the Property addon should not be used as it requires the property post type and post type data that will not be included in your kit). Additionally, plugins that display ads or 3rd party services that directly compete with Envato Market are not allowed, including plugins that break the import process by hijacking the activation. These are only a few “mega” widget addons and should be fairly obvious. If you ever have a quick question about whether a plugin should be used in a kit feel free to email us at extensions@envato.com

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