Template Kit Install Error

I urgently need help.

I have just registered, paid the annual fee and saved the template kit “retnews” via download.

Now it cannot be installed. I get the message: Template Kit Install Error

I have tested all the options offered, but it does not work. I have also installed the plugin “Template Kit Import” for Wordpress.

What can I do?

Many thanks in advance and best regards



Only items labelled “Elementor Template Kit” can be installed using the Template kit import plugins. If ou have a WordPress theme, it must be installed under Appearance > Themes > Add New


Thanks for the quick reply.
Unfortunately, that doesn’t work either. I get the answer:

Screenshot_2021-05-10 Theme hochladen ‹ Nachrichten Analysen — WordPress


Install theme from uploaded file: elements-retnews-news-blog-magazine-template-UVSRYH4-ALy2VUOb-08-15.zip

Unpacking the package …

The theme is installed …

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the stylesheet style.css.

Theme installation failed.

Where can the error be?

Thank you

Is that your purchase item ?
This is HTML template it will not install with wordpress or any other CMS

Okay, thank you