Template Kit, has been rejected

Hello Dear Creative People ,
Can any one help me why this time my elementor template was rejected.

the first time my product was rejected, because The overall build is not up to standards and has several issues we are not able to work through via review.
the examiner left me a list of corrections to make, a list of corrections I made, before resubmitting.
And he confirmed that the problem was not visual:
the visual design and layout quality of kits has a very high standard at this stage. We appreciate the clean quality of your layouts, the stylistic touches of some areas and use of white space.

however, when I sent my work in for review, my item was rejected with the argument that the item was rejected before in March

if you have some time take a look at the demo GEPPETTO and tell me what if you see any problem.
your replay is very helpful for me.
i always appreciate it.

Advance Thanks