template install ruined my site

Hi. I’m using wordpress and elementor. I installed the Menzone - Modern eCommerce Template Kit
Author: deTheme on my existing site and it changed all of the fonts and colors on my site plus messed with all kinds of other things. The only way I could fix it was to convert to a backup of my site but I lost a lot of work I had done. I used to be able to install element templates all the time if i just wanted to grab a page or an element from it and add it to my site. now i am afraid to try any of these templates.

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Great (NOT!) that there has been no reply to this issue at all. Since Envato changed the way to use the template kits they started messing up my pages, as well. Now, I am really afraid to use the plug in and it sucks so much. The templates are awesome as a base to design with but are basically not usable anymore which makes envato obsolete.

I asked in several forums and a lot of people seem to have this exact problem since envato made the change.

I know. I’m terrified to use any of their templates now. It’s too bad because they are really good but any time I have installed them they completely changed all my fonts, colours, etc. I had to re-install my site from a back up. And Envato just blames the authors and claims it has nothing to do with them. I don’t know why they switched from the old way which worked perfectly.

Iam a Themeforest and Envato Elements Author and I had published 5 Elementor Template Kit. Envato launched new category Elementor Template Kits and Envato changed all the plugins and ways of importing templates. Your error occurs due to envato import plugins import the Elementor styles ( Font’s , Typography ). To get rid of this issue you can import the page you want via Elementor. If you extract the template files you can see the json files in it. You can import the page json file you want. So that you can import only one page and not everything.

How do you import with Elementor? It forces you to use the Envato plugin.