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I’m looking for a template for my project and I need an appointment from you to find one that meets my needs. My project will be local, more specifically in my city. I will offer a subscription system with monthly recurring payments, but delivery will be daily.

For example, there is an “X” neighborhood in my city, I will be looking for a commercial partner in the neighborhood “X” to provide the goods to customers. If a resident of neighborhood “X” enters my site and searches through their Zip Code or Address, it will be directed to the page of that commercial partner (inside my site), where the subscription plans will be listed. It should be possible for the user to be able to make the entire subscription process through the site, from choosing the plan, time of delivery to payment.

Another example is a “Y” neighborhood, where there is still no commercial partner to serve the region’s customers. A resident of the “Y” neighborhood enters the site and searches through his Zip Code or Address, the system identifies that there are no partners in that region, then directs the user to a specific page, with the words: "Sorry, we have not yet your region, but do not worry, fill out the form below so we can contact you as soon as we arrive in your neighborhood. "

On the subscriber’s panel it should be possible to unsubscribe or pause it. Changing the form of payment would be interesting as well. The list of commercial partners must include the list of all the subscribers who are served by him, with their respective plans and addresses, in addition to the total amount ($$) he should receive for all subscriptions. This amount will be passed directly to the partner through external banking operations to the site.

So what I essentially need is that when a user searches a Zip Code or Address it is directed to the page of a business partner that serves their region and can make a signature through my site, OR that it is directed to a page with a informing us that we do not serve your region with a registration form soon after.

You do t find that out the box.

A directory theme might help get started but is still going to need some fairly heavy customisation.

If you have a realistic budget in mind then you can probably find a freelancer to help at www.studio.envato.com