Template idea from Freepik Image

I have seen some authors took infographics and others template idea from Freepik image and make exactly the same video animation. Now my question is, Is it allowed to take ideas from Freepik image?

It’ obviously allowed to take “ideas” and inspiration from those assets, while also making them your own. But you’re not allowed to use and re-sell the freepik assets as part of your templates.

But obviously as you see many users use them and they couldn’t care less. Now will they ever get caught? Who knows. Does envato care? Don’t think so, as long as they get to make money from these projects. And once the authors get caught and called out by freepik for breaching their terms, preferably on a place like twitter, envato will simply ban the author, while keeping all the money that they made from that author.

So if you decide to use these assets like many others did, bare in mind that some day this might come back to leave a dent in your stock seller career.

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