Template I was working on uploaded by someone else before me?

A month ago I started working on a project converting PSD to html template. I did all necessary research whether the template already exists or not. And It wasn’t there So I started working on it. But recently I checked and someone else uploaded the template first.

What do I do now ? I really spent too much time on it’s creation.

Did you have permission/agreement to convert it to HTML from the author of the psd?

No, I didn’t take permission from it’s author. I read the extended licence details and It allowed "Use in an end product that’s sold ". SO I started working on it.

There may be your issue…

Irrelevant of license you need permission from the original author to convert it for sale here.

If you had had this the. You could stop the other version being uploaded.

It’s possible the person who uploaded t has the authors approval to do so and even if you had published it you could have had it removed until the author ok’d it.

Frustrating though it is - it does not sound like there is much you will be able to do.

Did you have permission/agreement convert to I started working on a project converting PSD to html template?