Template HTML rejected why

Hello. My template has been rejected and I don’t know why. Can anyone help me? Template here: http://happymoments.breakingpoint.ro/HTML/html/ Thanks!

The design is too simplistic, there are problems with typography and spacing these are the primary. Also there is no way to view the actual image at it’s full size which is bad for your category.

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Thank you! I’m waiting more suggestions and then I’ll change.

improve logo , on my tablette on mozzilla, the thin titles not shown properly its changed like dotted fonts! images are stretched tht let them lose the real quality… And wait for an others points might help u,
Good luck,

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  • Issues on mobile

  • Generally fundamentals in typography, white space, hierarchy all need work

  • Design needs more to it, more features

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  • Too basic

  • Needs more features

  • spacing, hierarchy and Typography needs a lot of work

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Hey charlie4282 u havnt answered me yet on private message!

Sorry don’ reply to stuff on PM because I get quite a few and

  1. If I answer one then i need to answer more

  2. Feedback is better from forums where there are multiple experts, many more experienced than me


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