Template html feedback after 2 hard rejection

My template got hard rejected in 2 times bellow the link :

Link before the first hard rejection : http://rework.egprojets.com/old/
Link after making some change after the first  hard rejection : http://rework.egprojets.com/demo/

In the first time I receive this message from team envato :

“”"“Our Review team also provided these comments:
This item has a good start, however most sections are a little too
generic. The visual hierarchy is weak in places and needs improvement.
Please focus on improving the overall quality of this item and I’ll be
happy to take another look.”""""

After making those change I uploaded the item another time and I receive bellow feedback :

“”"“Our Review team also provided these comments:
Your item does not provide the necessary design quality for this
category. As higher quality items become available in the marketplace,
approval requirements will increase to maintain appropriate marketplace
quality.While I’d be able to provide feedback as to how to get this
approved, I can only do after it has crossed a certain threshold,
quality wise. I’m sorry to say this isn’t there yet.”""""

I will be happy for any suggestion to make this item approved.

Hey there

I think the biggest issue is that your titles need more spacing on top and bottom. Also logo and footer is not the greatest. Need more content in footer for sure.

The spacing under the content needs to be consistent too. Hope this helps.



Thank you very much @Nitro_Themes , noted !!

  • Very slow to load generally

  • Typography needs a lot of work e.g. line heights, lose all the italics, spacing and hierarchy

  • There’s quite few irregularities and lack of consistency in alignment, padding etc.

  • Footer needs rethinking

There are some interesting concepts there it is more the delivery which needs attention

Thank you very much @charlie4282, noted !!