template got rejected. Can you show me what is wrong?

Themeforest does not tell you exactly what is wrong so you can work on that part. There are many things that can affect upload acceptance. I don’t know if it is the design that has issue or perhaps the upload files or documentation. Can you give me the first thing to look at if your upload is rejected? Thank you. My template is https://7website.github.io/phone%20app%20template/index.html


With respect I would like to say your design is very intro level not standard for Envato market. You have to study more. There is no alternative to know the Market standard first. You have to provide best UI, have to put premium aesthetics design. So don’t worry just spend some more times on the market to know the quality standard. Please study more on trending Items of this market especially released within the last 12 months. If you check App landing page in themeforest you will find a lot of premium template with commercial values.


Thanks Man, I checked best selling themes on themeforest. But what I saw was that most of these themes have a lot of other themes within the theme. For example, a theme called ‘INCUBATOR’
(link: https://preview.themeforest.net/item/incubator-wordpress-startup-business-theme/full_screen_preview/17028809)
has other themes such as business landing page, mobile app landing page, etc, included in this theme.
My question is, do I build a theme for a specific use case eg. business landing page, or build a theme like ‘INCUBATOR’ which includes other themes? Thank you

you are open to ceate any specific template as like: App landing page, product landing page, blog template … etc and also open to create multipurpose template. you have to decide what you will create and have to make it quality. As a beginner you can go with specific template.

Thanks. But I submitted a theme yesterday, I developed it just like the best selling themes on your market, I checked everything about the theme design, I also validated the html code. But it was not accepted. In your own words, do you find some issues with it?