Template got hard rejected - suggestions

My item got hard rejected. Really don’t know what went wrong. Need suggestions.

Here’s the demo:

What can I improve on this template?

Thank you.

use redpen.io or some other easy feedback tool, so ppl can easier point out what needs to be adjusted or changed!
I saw some stuff but I can’t explain it like this, it’s too much of a hassle while I’m at work, you know?

I’m no web wizard, but here;s what I think from a potential buyer kind of viewpoint (I clicked on the top middle option)…

  1. The purple doesn’t work. It’s hard to read the highlighted text with the dark background images.

  2. The logo is a bit weak.

  3. The dots to show which slider image you’re on are far to close to the text below it.

  4. The fonts could be better

  5. The spinning icons in the diamonds are maybe a bit too much for a legal website.

  6. The case result circles need some work. There’s an ultra thin white border around then that doesn’t look too good.

  7. The pricing bits look ok, but everything;s maybe a bit too bold and the buttons at the bottom need work. The font isn’t that nice and the padding could be better.

  8. Blog section looks ok, I think you could have more descriptive text at the bottom and more padding below that, it looks a bit squashed.

  9. Need more padding on the happy clients and there’s the issue with the circles again.

  10. The purple icons don;t stand out enough.

  11. You can barely read the names of the team members and I don;t think the diamonds work. Circles might be better.

  12. Footer seems really short.

  13. When I click on about, or any other menu item, the header text of the section is covered with the bar of the main site header.

Anyway, that’s the way I see it.

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You heading font and color schema should be improved