Template for Composite /bundle Products

Good evening, I need a template that allows me to offer composite products, that certain items can only be purchased together with another garment of the SAME size, that is, some garments must be guaranteed that their purchase is accompanied by a second garment with a different SKU, considering that garments from the same collection must be combined, of the same size and that one garment must be inferior and the other superior.

Example https://www.blessingpijamas.com/producto/conjunto-blusa-manga-larga-short/ the example is limited to offering two products what I am looking for are two things

  1. That in the product file it suggests options/variety of lower garments, that I can navigate with the little arrows, see and choose with which product I want to complete my look.
  2. That when they choose the size of the first garment, the products available in that size are filtered and also suggest the lower garment.

At checkout it should not allow the purchase to continue if these two products are not selected.

Do you have any idea of a template that offers these features?
Thank you so much!!!

What you’re looking for a WooCommerce feature instead of the theme. You can get any WooCommerce theme and set-up/configure it ( you may need to get additional extension )