Template for a Step by step guide page


I’m looking for a template or so in in order to create a page where I can insert a step by step guide.
This can be a little example
But I want choice too in some steps and other thigs

You could do it with just about any parallax site or even one of the other one page style ones

You can take a look at my one page themes, especially SCRN and Teo

Hi , Please contact me via profile page for more details.

Good morning

I’ve see both the “Final destiny” elements and parallax method.

Parallax is intresting for me but i try to explain more the thing that i need…

I’m developing a website (in italy) that sell services in the real-estate sector (photos, plans, marketing and so on).
I want to build a section (i thing a single dinamic page) of this website with a young and easy guide to all the people that wants to sell (or rent) or buy home by privates and so without the intermediaton of an agency (that is the work of the general website).

I imagine this as a single-page that goes down when you click to the step by step. better if is highlited the way that somebody is running but i’m opened.

  • I (will) have the content of this guide
  • The guide will be about of 20 steps
  • The guide is not a single way (in some steps you can choose the way for your necessity ('cause indications is different between things)… Exaple: choose: You want to rent or sell?)
  • The guide will have links to other parts of the website, links to external websites, file to downloads, links to youtube (better if embedded)
  • The guide will be composed of text, images, youtube embedded video (better) and logos

I want to do this section for at least 2 opportunities:
1- I want to bring people to this website (with a good seo campaign and with some others strategy) through this section that will have the same footer and header of the general website and so they see the logo of the website (of the company) and the other section
2- In some parts (steps) of this guide i link to other parts of my website where the website propose to sell them his services. (for example: ok, now that you have cleaned up your house you can photograph the rooms… Fot do that you can do this things (1,2,3…) or call us clicking here)
This can be an example

Are there some templates or so on in this?