Template CMS hard rejected

Hi everyone,

I submitted a theme for the CMS Concrete5 to themeforest 23 days ago and it was hard rejected today with no explicit reasons in the emails.

This is the demo:

Thank you for helping me understand :wink:

Thanks in advance.

With respect, you are nowhere near the standard for here.

  • The design is really not great

  • The design fundamentals e.g. styling, hierarchy, etc. are all way off

  • It’s just the same page 5 or 6 times with a different image

  • using free host (esp that one) is a terrible idea. Often it won’t even work with Envato’s iframe so the preview won’t work if it were to be approaved but also slow loading, downtime etc.

Frankly, I’m not really happy with this answer.

What do you mean « the standard » ? The super complicated wordpress-like theme with same structure/layout for all themes ?

On the contrary, I think is good to propose something else.

How can you judge what is great and what is not ? Design is subjective. Someone may love it, another may hate it. And if you check the themeforest catalog, you will find a lot of « not great » themes…

… « fundamentals »…
so, dont know what to say about styling, don’t understand.
About hierarchy, yes maybe there are some missing styles but don’t know more.
That’s why the theme is described as « easy, simple, no extra » , not like other themes where you use only 2% of the features…

Yes and ?
It’s my choice to propose « easy, simple, no extra » , not like other themes where you use only 2% of the features…

Ok. I was not aware about that. But it’s my choice to use free hosting. Or if you could pay one, welcome :wink:

In fact, when you check all similar topics, I just want to point out that I’m very frustrated of how moderators/quality checkers responds. Very rude and junior behaviors. No real explanations and no real reasons to hard reject them.

Please review your processes guys.

Thank you.

With respect, you asked for feedback and that’s what we gave based on our experience both professionally and on envato.

Of course, there’s no obligation for anyone to agree with our opinion but if it helps:

  • By the "standard"
    While there are no written guidelines, its assumed that all items can meet basics like:
  1. design/code best practice
  2. versatile functionality
  3. contemporary and well-executed design and/or features
  • The design is not great.
    You are completely right about this being “subjective”, but someone has to make his call as part of the review process. We are not reviewers but we have worked with numerous authors on items and purchased into the thousands of items so we would like to think that we have an understanding of what does/does not work, and as you said yourself there are problems with “missing styles” etc.

  • There are numerous issues
    Again with respect, this is what it is. It’ is hard to really judge because of the similar pages but what is there could still be improved from a typographic, hierarchy and styling perspective e.g. all one font just a slightly different size, no uniqueness to quotes or links etc.

  • It is all the same page "and?"
    This appears lazy, unfinished and lacks the premium value or versatility expected from a stock item (otherwise why not just use a free one?).

You either need to provide more features and functionality or if you want to use a super simple or “easy, simple, no extra” concept that is fine but the design needs to be absolutely flawless and complete.

We’d probably add that having links to “sample project” or “contact us” that either doesn’t exist or work also feels quite unfinsihed

  • Using free host.
    Absolutely it’s your choice but surely it’s better to tell you that if your item was approved then it probably wouldn’t work?

    Again none of this is meant “rudely” and it’s totally your choic eto ignore us.

If an item is near to the requirements then the review and/or people here can offer feedback or explanations.

Beyond a point when there is too much that would need fixing, even if a reviewer was to give detailed feedback, regardless of the entirely unfeasible time required, it actually often proves more counter productive than beneficial to everyone author and envato included.

I done a little check of concrete5 themes on Themeforest : https://themeforest.net/category/cms-themes/concrete5
And I’m sorry but, some of them are missing a lot of things too (hierarchy not finished, restricted features and templates, …)

And after checking “An 8-Step Checklist for Publishing a WordPress Theme on ThemeForest” -
https://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/an-8-step-checklist-for-publishing-a-wordpress-theme-on-themeforest-part-1--cms-22745 , where, for me, the point 4 is one of the most important point.

ok. so, I’m sorry but after reading your reply again and again, there was really no reason to reject it.